Red Hairing

I love red hair.            Period.                          Despite what the     title might suggest, there will be no distractions to mislead you to any other conclusions. I made the fall I am wearing in the above photo a week ago. Although the materials sat lonely on my basement table for a couple weeks before I paid them any attention, IContinue reading “Red Hairing”

Pieces of a Refrain

I sit center stage on a high, black lacquered stool in a puddle of soft blueish white light. My deep black finger waves glisten as I roll my head back with the high note of a melancholy melody. You can just see the stiletto’d foot of my crossed leg  peeking out from the cascade of sequins of my floor length dress. A veryContinue reading “Pieces of a Refrain”

Straight-On Botox Face

Photo shoot days are so much fun!  In this one, I was living a 1970’s urban disco fantasy. You can’t tell from the photos, but the gold outfit I’m wearing is a V-neck sequin jumpsuit with a super wide belt. I love it! I’m totally making another one in black with extra big shoulder pads! AsContinue reading “Straight-On Botox Face”